Saturday, March 24, 2012

U2.COM : So Close in Moncton

And, if you listen, I can't call
And, if you jump, you just might fall
And, if you shout, I'll only hear you...

Stay (Faraway, So Close!) is on U22 and this is what it was like on the last of 110 shows, in Moncton, Canada last year.

Stay (Faraway, So Close!) is one of 22 live tracks from U2360° on the limited edition double-CD   'U22'.

You'll find the other 21 here.

Adam Clayton & Dallas Schoo confirm: U2 are in the studio

I was a bit skeptical when an Irish Independent article yesterday mentioned that U2 is working on its next album, but this sounds much more re-assuring: Adam Clayton appeared on Irish radio on Tuesday of this week, mainly to talk about the Walk In My Shoes campaign that he's supporting. But, according to, he also briefly mentioned what the band is doing at the moment:
"We are working on the next album. According to Bono, it may be published tomorrow but I think it will take a little longer."
Meanwhile, Dallas Schoo, The Edge's longtime guitar tech, apparently sent a note to Sadowsky Guitars confirming that "U2 is in the studio." The guitar company posted Dallas' note on Facebook:
Just received this report from Dublin, where U2 is in the studio...

Just a heads up on how wonderful your 4 basses are....beautiful instruments and so much "weight" and deep tone with a very light weight bass......amazing. The Will Lee is killer and the PJs so balanced. Adam has been tracking away and not having to break the momentum dialing in his sound.....Just a very good marriage of effortless tone that seems inherent with the overall design. The entire band and the production team could not be happier.

Nice one,
Dallas Schoo/U2

source : by  Matt McGee

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Get on your boots: Adam steps into limelight for charity

These shoes are made for rocking. Long known as the shyest man in music, U2's Adam Clayton let his footwear do the talking yesterday.

The bass player took time out from recording the group's 13th album to help launch 'Walk In My Shoes', a new initiative from St Patrick's University Hospital in support of positive mental health for young people.

Wearing a pair of eye-catching Christian Louboutin black studded shoes, the 52-year-old was following in the footsteps of his mother, Jo Clayton.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hailed by Rolling Stone Magazine as “the most important record producer to emerge in the ‘80s”, Daniel Lanois has won acclaim as one of the most distinctive and celebrated producers of his time.  On Thursday, March 22, 2012, his vast career and achievements will be recognized with an induction to the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame. This lifetime honour will be presented to Lanois during the Canadian Music & Broadcast Industry Awards gala taking place at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel as part of Canadian Music Week’s 30th anniversary celebrations.
“I have been a personal fan of Daniel Lanois since the beginning,” says Canadian Music Week President Neill Dixon.  ”Through his work with U2 to Neil Young, he has made an indelible mark on the industry and solidified a reputation for himself as a world-renowned producer over the past four decades. It’s time we in Canada celebrate the career of this remarkable man with this Hall of Fame induction.”

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bono comments on Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 campaign

ONE co-founder Bono commented on Invisible Children’s “Kony 2012” film and campaign in Ireland’s edition of the Sunday Times yesterday. The campaign, which aims to raise global support for Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony’s arrest, has caught the attention of the world over the past few days, and the filmmakers have urged public figures to speak out in response. Here’s is Bono’s full comment on the campaign:
“Having just been in Gulu with Edun and Jolly, this is particularly pertinent for me…Spreading like wildfire, and sparking a heated, fascinating, much needed debate, this is brilliant campaigning. Not only does the public now know about Kony and his most despicable atrocities, they also know what a huge range of experts think about it, even if they all don’t agree. I salute a strategy that generates this much interest if it¹s targeted towards lasting meaningful solutions owned and directed by the people of the region on their journey from the trauma of these atrocities towards stability and development. Is there an Oscar for this kind of direction? Jason Russell deserves it.”
To read the full article, click here. (Subscription only).

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Adam steps in to help battle suicide

U2's Adam Clayton is lending a helping hand -- or rather foot -- in the fight to lower suicide rates in Ireland.

The rock star says he wants to highlight the high numbers of young men battling depression in the country.

The bassist has signed up to support 'Walk in my Shoes', an organisation which aims to provide free mental health services for young adults in Ireland.

Clayton said: "Suicide takes the lives of more young men in Ireland than road accidents. Did you know that? I didn't. Now that I do I want to help. So I am supporting 'Walk in my Shoes Day' on April 26.

"The money raised that day will be used to put young people back on the road to mental health."

The rocker is asking everyone to wear silly shoes on April 26 -- which they wouldn't normally wear -- to work, school and college, and also to donate €2 to help support mental health services.

Suicide is the leading cause of death among 18 to 25-year-old men in Ireland.

But with proper supports and treatment many of these deaths could be prevented. Top singer Imelda May is also supporting the suicide prevention campaign.

Two-thirds of all mental health difficulties will start before the age of 24, and Ireland has one of the highest suicide rates in the 14-24 age group in the EU.

For more information, log on to

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U2.COM : 'The Sheer Face of Love...' [video]

'A man will rise
A man will fall
From the sheer face of love
Like a fly from a wall
It's no secret at all...'

'The Fly' is one of 22 live tracks from U2360° on the limited edition double-CD 'U22'.

You'll find the other 21 here.

This was what 'The Fly' was like in Miami in 2011. 'It's no secret at all...'

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

U2's Adam Clayton supports Walk in my Shoes

U2.COM : 'She's Gonna Dream Out Loud...'

'And I have no compass
And I have no map
And I have no reasons
No reasons to get back...'

'Zooropa' is one of 22 live tracks from U2360° set to feature on the limited edition double-CD   'U22'.

You'll find the other 21 here.

This was what 'Zooropa' was like in St Louis in 2011. How much do you love it ?