Wednesday, February 27, 2013

U2.COM : 'Factivism'

'We’re here to try and infect you with this virtuous database virus, the one we call factivism. It’s not going to kill you; it could save countless lives.'

Bono has been speaking at TED2013, accepting the challenge to put 'the last 25 years of anti-poverty campaigning into 10 minutes'.  His passion, he explained, was countering what Nelson Mandela called 'that most awful offense to humanity, extreme poverty'. How would he do it? With the facts. 'Exit the rock star. Enter the evidence-based activist - the 'factivist'.

Since 2000, eight million AIDS patients have been receiving retroviral drugs; malaria deaths have been cut by 75%; child mortality rate of kids under 5 is down by 2.65 million deaths a year. The number of people living in soul-crushing poverty declined from 43% in 1990 to 33% in 2000 to 21% by 2010. But if that's you, that's still too high.

 'If you live on less than $1.25 a day, this is not just data. This is everything. If you’re a parent who wants the best for your kids, and I am, this rapid transition is a route out of despair and into hope.'

How can the positive trajectory continue ? Read more on the TED blog - we'll let you know when the video goes live.

Extreme poverty globally has been cut in half since 1990 - and could get to zero before 2030. Not a lot of people know that. That’s why Bono and ONE are getting the word out.  The more people know the facts and act, the closer comes the zero zone. 'Smart aid along with trade, investment and transparency is a path out of extreme poverty.' - See more at:

U2.COM : Let Your Feet Do The Talking...

On April 12th Adam again joins Royseven, The Original Rudeboys and Kathryn Thomas for Walk in My Shoes, raising funds for St Patrick's Hospital Foundation and its mental health services to vulnerable young adults.

On the day, across Ireland, people will be hosting funky shoe days at work or school, organising sponsored events, volunteering as street collectors... or simply making donations. Now in it's second year, Walk in My Shoes aims to encourage people to talk about mental health issues and raise funds for support services for those who can't afford them. 

The idea came from a young service user at St. Patrick’s University Hospital who said he wished his friends could ‘walk in my shoes’ so they could gain a better understanding of mental health difficulties. Suicide is the number one cause of death amongst 18-25 males in Ireland, with over 75% of mental health difficulties beginning before 24 years of age. 

'Growing up is hard enough to navigate without any health issues,' explained Adam, an ambassador for Walk In My Shoes. 'Teenagers need a lot of support, and vulnerable teenagers even more so. By helping to give every vulnerable teenager someone to talk to about their concerns, Walk In My Shoes is doing very valuable work. 
'I'm happy to raise awareness and funds and I hope everyone will join me in wearing stylish and mismatched shoes on April 12th.' 

More information on how to get involved or to make a donation at See also and @Walkinmyshoes12 on Twitter. - See more at:

Friday, February 22, 2013

U2.COM : If You Build It...

'Amazing book ! Amazing songs! Amazing quality!'

'A beautiful full size hard cover book with immaculate detail - best tour document I've ever seen.'

'Such a great read and the live disc is absolutely superb. Thank you U2 very much'

OK, enough showing off. You like it, we like it, everyone likes it.  

But is there one way to make a book like this even more of a collectors item? 

Well, actually, yes, just the one we could think of.  

How about asking the band to sign some copies for a new competition.


We've snagged 5 shiny new copies  of 'From The Ground Up: Music Edition'to give away - each one signed by Larry, Adam, Edge & Bono.

To grab one of these great giveaways, here's what you need to do.

Post or tweet us a photo or a youtube video of something you've built...  from the ground up.

A house? 
A car? 
A shed? 
A spaceship?
A family? 
A cake? 
An... invention ?

What's your pride & joy that you made all yourself ?

(Extra points if you include a copy of  From The Ground Up  in your photo or video - or give it some surreal U2 twist.)

Then tag your image/video with #U2FTGU and mention @u2com /@u2comzoomods or @U2fTheGroundUp  then post it up on twitter or youtube.

We'll pick out the most creative and repost them on and retweet them from @u2com. 

And the best of the best? We'll be in touch with you on where we should send your signed copy.

Let building commence ...

(P.S. Don't forget those tags & mentions - #U2FTGU @u2com @u2comzoomods @U2fTheGroundUp. Competition runs until the end of March.)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

U2.COM : Signature Shirt

For two decades the world’s top artists and bands have collaborated with Hard Rock International  as part of the Signature Series programme, helping raise millions for good causes. 

The U2 Signature Series: Edition 30 T-shirt features an electric guitar with angel wings, emblazoned with the words 'JUSTICE', 'HUMANITY' and 'EQUALITY'. A barbed wire is wrapped around the neck of the guitar and the back of the shirt carries the signatures of Adam, Larry, Edge and Bono.

It's a partnership between EDUN LIVE and Hard Rock. Read more about the new shirt or order it direct  through Hard Rock.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

U2.COM : Thirty Year War

'We knew there was something special there,' recalled Larry. 'We felt we'd finished the songs and done as much on the album as we could possibly do.'

Opening with Sunday Bloody Sunday and closing with "40", it was, said Bono at the time, 'A slap in the face against the snap, crackle and pop'.

 'War', the band's third studio album,  was released in February 1983. It was U2 at their most rhythmic said Adrian Thrills in the NME. 'Their sound is rooted in drummer Larry Mullen's shuddering tub-thumping and bassist Adam Clayton's bewildering percussive patterns. Guitarist the Edge is less dominant than before, the traditional solos of the axe hero superceded by intuitive excursions in tonality and harmonics that put an eerie veneer over the rock solid foundations.'

J D Considine in Rolling Stone concluded  that the songs 'stand up against anything on The Clash's London Calling in terms of sheer impact, and the fact that U2 can sweep the listener up in the same sort of enthusiastic romanticism that fuels the band's grand gestures is an impressive feat.'

Tracks like New Year's Day and Sunday Bloody Sunday  came to define the band's sound for millions and remain live standards today...  but can you remember the second single release, Two Hearts Beat As One, performed in this clip on a TV show deep in the heart of the 1980's?

What is it you love about War?  Was it a beginning or an ending for U2? How would you recommend the album to a teenage or twenty-something fan who wasn't born when it came out?  Complete the following sentence: 'If you like War by U2 you'll also like...'

Add your comments below - and if you can do clever and profound along with concise, post your review of War in less than 140 characters. We'll retweet the best from our @u2com twitter account. #U2WAR30