Thursday, January 31, 2013


U2 have given away the profits from their Irish concerts to charity, the band's manager Paul McGuinness has revealed.

The band donated €5 million from their three Croke Park concerts in 2009 to Music Generation, a charity that provides funding for structured music education across the country.

Their three Croke Park concerts in 2005 would probably have generated similar revenues, while the band also played two concerts at Slane Castle in 2001.

Mr McGuinness said it had been the band's practice "going way, way back" to give the profits away but it "was discreetly done in the past".

He added: "Obviously we cover what the concerts cost to produce and there's been a profit for a considerable time, and those profits have been distributed here."

New album on horizon 

He also confirmed that the band are working on a new album to follow up their last release, No Line on the Horizon.

"I'm hoping that they will finish the album soon and it will be out this year."

U2 guitarist The Edge turned up yesterday for the announcement that the Government will co-fund Music Generation from 2014 with a view to taking over the funding of the project in 2016.

U2 stepped in after the government stated in 2009 it could not afford to roll out a pilot project nationwide. The band provided €5 million with an extra €2 million coming from The Ireland Funds, including a $1 million donation (€760,000) from Bank of America.

Music Generation schemes are operating in Cork city, Laois, Louth, Mayo, Sligo and Wicklow. The money will allow for expansion into a further four areas: Offaly, Westmeath, Carlow and Limerick city.

Some 5,000 children have benefited from it either through structured lessons or through the buying of instruments.

The Edge said U2 had decided to lend its name to Music Generation because it would "be enhanced by association" with the band. "In most cases it isn't, and it is not appropriate. In this case we really wanted to put our names to this because we feel strongly about it."

He said the band had benefited from having music lessons in Mount Temple school, where they had all met, and he hoped others would be able to do likewise. "We also had the encouragement to use the music rooms when we first formed the band," he said. "At that stage none of the members of the band had an idea where it would lead. We were just doing it because it was fun. The chance to pass that opportunity on is important.

"There's been a tendency over the years for music not to be a top priority. The great thing about Music Generation is that it is putting it back where it should be as a top priority around the country."

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

U2.COM : Bonus Points

When you subscribe (or resubscribe) to as well as the 15 live tracks onEdge's Picks, the CD that comes inside the bespoke edition of 'From The Ground Up', you can also instantly download five bonus tracks. 

You've been asking us where and when these tracks were recorded. 

Maybe you were there...

Recorded at Estadio Anoeta, San Sebastian, 26th September 2010

Recorded at Veltins-Arena, Gelsenkirchen, 3rd August 2009

Recorded at Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield, 20th August 2009

Recorded at Subiaco Oval, Perth, 19th December 2010

Recorded at Stade de France, Paris, 12th July 2009

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

U2.COM : 'You're A Big Smash..'

'Our nod to Glam Rock,' explains Edge in his sleeve notes to 'From The Ground Up: Music Edition'. 'You only get one...' The penultimate of the 15 tracks on the limited-edition CD 'Edge's Picks', 'Hold Me, Thrill Me...' was a stand-out moment on U2360° with Bono soaring across the stage on his own illuminated steering-wheel microphone. (You remember the one...)

The Edge - "Music Generation" project [video]

Monday, January 21, 2013

U2 guitarist Edge backs music course to create next generation of stars

U2 guitar legend The Edge has praised the work of education programme Music Generation for making music a must among young people.
The Edge said: "Over the years, there has been a tendency for music not to be the top priority, but the great thing about Music Generation is that it's putting it back where it needs to be."
Explaining why he chose to help when U2 rarely its name publicly to such initiatives, "I think we felt this was something that would be enhanced by the association. In most cases it isn't, so it's not appropriate, in this case we really wanted to put our name to it, we feel strongly about this."
He was launching 'Developing Diversity in Music Education in Ireland' - a new two-year partnership between St Patrick's College, and Music Generation, which is the national music education programme funded by U2 and the Ireland Funds and local agencies).
Based at the Music Department of St Patrick's College, Drumcondra, under the principal investigator Dr Patricia Flynn, the new research programme will provide valuable information about music eduction in Ireland in order to address a knowledge gap in this area.
Tony O'Dalaigh, chairman of Music Generation, said: "The initiation of the research partnership marks and important milestones in the evolution of Music Generation, the impact of which will inform and shape long-term development and sustainability."
Established in 2009, Music Ireland helps young people and children access high-quality subsidised music education in their area.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bono confirms U2 have begun work on a new album

U2 frontman Bono has confirmed the band have tentatively begun work on a thirteenth studio effort, but admitted they are happy to wait ten years if it takes that long to get the album right.
“U2 have been back and they’re really in fine fettle,” he is quoted as saying in The Sun. “They’re mad for it at the moment and they really want to make a new record.”
“And they don’t care if it takes 10 years – they don’t care if it never happens again, they just want to get it right. Within the band we’ve been calling it ’10 Reasons To Exist’ – but I will tell you we might have at least six of them.”
U2 have been on a break since wrapping up their record-breaking 360 tour in Canada in July 2011. By then, the tour had become the biggest grossing of all time after raking in well over $700,000,000 during its 25-month run.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

U2.COM : 'Simply Unbelievable...'

'The photobook and CD have arrived ! It's simply unbelievable and takes me back to the six shows I went to in Europe. What a mindblowing CD. They're only getting better ....'

A handsome parcel enclosing From The Ground Up: Music Edition is now landing, with a thud, on the doorsteps of subscribers around the world. 

The lavish photobook telling the inside story of U2360°, complete with the limited-edition CD Edge's Picks, is getting rave reviews. 

'My copy arrived yesterday and it made my year. The design and quality are incredible, and the music? Wow!  From the very first listen I was transported back to Croke Park on those two incredible nights...'

Great reception too for the FIVE bonus live downloads available as soon as you subscribe (or resubscribe) to - Desire, Pride, Angel of Harlem, Spanish Eyes and No Line On The Horizon. 
 'An absolutely brilliant 2012 for live music from many, many thanks.'

Got your copy yet? 
What's the standout track? 
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How does this subscription gift compare with last year's 'U22'? 
Tell us what you think and add your own review in the comments below. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bono reveals working title of new U2 album

BONO has revealed the next U2 album may be called '10 Reasons To Exist'.

The 52-year-old said the group have been working steadily throughout 2012 on the new record, which will be their 13th studio album. But a release date could be some time off.

"Within the band, we've been calling it '10 Reasons To Exist' – but I will tell you we might have at least six of them," joked Bono.

Struck down by flu over Christmas, the rock singer missed the start of the annual Leopardstown racing festival on St Stephen's Day which he normally attends with his family.

"I've loved being home. I had the best Christmas ever," he said in a radio interview with Amanda Brunker.

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