Friday, October 24, 2014

U2 are planning to release TWO more albums before 2016 - after shock free record

U2 are planning to release TWO more albums before 2016 - after shock free record

Closest pal Dave Fanning knows they have more material in the bag

Sep 11, 2014 | 16:17
U2 - Songs Of Innocence2_photo credit_PAOLO PELLEGRIN U2 are set to release another TWO albums over the next 18 months, their best friend has revealed.
Close confidant Dave Fanning said he believes Songs Of Innocence is the first in a three-part series of albums in which they explore the 70s, 80s and 90s.
It comes after the Dublin rockers released their last record – their first in five years – for free to half a billion iTunes users with Apple paying the bill.
And Dave, who got the first play of the record on 2FM, said: “I think this is the first of three U2 albums.
Dave Fanning signs copies of his book 'The Thing Is...' at Dubray Books
More to come: Dave knows U2 aren’t finished | VIPIRELAND.COM
“I’m guessing that, because every single track on Songs Of Innocence is about the 1970s.
“I think there will be more ‘Songs of…’ dealing with later decades, and the life experience of U2, right up to the present day.”
Last year Bono said they were “working on three albums”, adding: “We haven’t decided what order to put them out.”
And Dave, 58, said that given the length of time between albums there is no reason they won’t have the material.
U2 Play their final 360 concert at Croke Park
More material: Dave knows this won’t be the end for U2 | VIPIRELAND.COM
“I think U2 have loads of songs. There will be more albums. I’d say U2 will drop a few albums in the next eighteen months,” he told the Irish Sun.
“The theme is almost a mid-life crisis for Bono but he hasn’t tried anything ground breaking. What he has done is gone back to the start which is brilliant. The songs are very personal to Bono.”

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

U2.COM : 'U2 Take On The World'

The band are on the cover of the latest edition of Rolling Stone - on newstands now.

Here's some highlights from an enthralling feature by Brian Hiatt.

'Making this album, we went back and listened to all the music that had brought us into ourselves, then we said, 'Now let's misremember it'.

'I was feeling really good at the beginning. Shit, this is going to really work. We're going to fly through this stuff. Boy, oh boy, was I wrong!'

'We love taking risks and working with new collaborators because that's how you carve out the next chapter in the story.'

'They exhaust you. You're wrestling four guys coming in rotation and then all together at the same time... it's unbelievable how they work.'
Jimmy Iovine

'Even after years of working on stuff, the guys won't stop trying to make a song better all the way up to the end, and I admire that.'
Brian 'Danger Mouse' Burton

'These digital, online companies cross borders. They have infinitely more power than any traditional corporation. From our point of view we got our record out to as many people as possible...'

'In a great song you can be as naked as a streaker singing acapella. I'm embarassed next to someone like Carole King, unless I can come up with something that's as raw as some of her great songs. So that was it. Songwriting school!'

'We're hoping Songs of Experience will be less about intimacy and more about a celebration of sorts.'

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

U2 - Every Braking Wave (live later with Jools Holland)

U2.COM : 'Here For You'

'The first time I've ever had the whole band sitting in front of me.'

Latest broadcast interview is with Zane Lowe for BBC Radio 1 in the UK. All four band members were in the studio to talk about how the album began to emerge during the last tour and how it was finished... days before last month's release.

Listen again here.

And if you're in the UK, did you catch the band performing tonight on Later With Jools Holland,  along with Sam Smith, Interpol and Zola Jesus?

A debut live performance for 'Volcano' was a bit special, as was  'Every Breaking Wave' with the whole band and a string section. Here's Volcano.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

U2 - The Graham Norton Show [videos]

Friday, October 17, 2014

U2.COM : The Making Of...

'U2 The Making of Songs of Innocence', produced by iHeartRadio,  will air across the US tonight,  Friday, October 17th.

'The live broadcast event will feature an intimate interview with Bono and Larry Mullen, Jr., discussing the creative process and meaning behind the music of their new album with host, iHeartMedia personality, Rod Ryan.'

The broadcast will air across iHeartMedia's AAA, Alternative, Mainstream and Classic Rock radio stations across the country at 7/6c as well as online and on the iHeartRadio app on The Alt Project at 7pm ET and 7pm PT.

More here

Thursday, October 16, 2014

U2.COM : Live On The BBC

The band were guests of Jo Whiley on her BBC Radio 2 show tonight, introducing live debuts for 'Cedarwood Road' and 'Song For Someone'.

The four band members were joined by a string quintet in the legendary setting of the BBC's Maida Vale recording studio.  'The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)' and 'Every Breaking Wave' were the other tracks from the new album, and as well as an extended conversation with Jo, the band finished up with 'Stuck In A Moment'.

 Catch the stream of the show - and add to the comments below.