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U2 - No Line On The Horizon (busker version) (Helsinki II 2010) -MULTICAM DRAFT-

Catch U2 in 3D glory

So all your friends went to Australia to catch U2's 360 tour. Well, no matter. You can actually just head on down to Jurong, to the Singapore Science Centre to be precise, where they're screening U2 3D, the first ever live action digital 3D concert movie. Shot during their Vertigo tour in South America, the concert movie - actually a truncated version of their usual show - first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008.

Why screen it at the Science Centre? "We want to share with our visitors the advances of technology in digital 3D and other forms and how this corresponds with the Centre's promotion of science and technology," explained associate professor Lim Tit Meng, the Science Centre's chief executive.

The movie however, won't be shown in the Omni-Theatre, which will undergo renovations from Jan 3 until Mar 31 (although things like the Robot Zoo exhibition and other outlets will still be open). Instead, it's being screened at the 3D Theatre at The Annexe. However, despite the fact that the sound could have been louder when we watched it - fans will probably find that the sheer power of U2's performance ought to dispel any misgivings they might have. And let's face it, at $15, it's definitely a lot cheaper than a regular U2 concert ticket.

source : by Christopher Toh

The Edge Pays Back BB King

Here’s one for “The Things You Learn” department: During the Lovetown tour, Edge and BB King (and others, probably) played a lot of poker. On one occasion, they apparently had a pretty big poker match going while the tour was in Sydney, Australia. Seems like there was one hand where the pot was at several hundred dollars, but Edge was out of money. He had to borrow $100 from BB King just to stay in the match.
Some time later, Edge paid BB back with this framed plaque:

It’s a little blurry, but the plaque says
There’s no shame in being beaten by a Master. Sydney Australia – November 1989
That image is from a book called The B.B. King Treasures.
Pretty cool, eh? The things you learn from writing a book…
(thx to Chris for the tip and info on this)

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Bono and The Edge Will Now Attend All SPIDER-MAN Previews

Bono and The Edge will be attending all future previews of SPIDER-MAN Turn Off the Dark, according to production spokesman Rick Miramontez. "[They] will be in the theater next week and for all of the preview performances leading up to the opening night working on the show," added Miramontez.

Miramontez spoke to Entertainment Weekly against the early critiques of the show. "I think it's disrespectful, especially to Julie Taymor," he says. "And that's what makes all of us crazy." Miramontez added that both cast and crew remain enthusiastic. "They're very upbeat. I think they were extremely proud to have given the performance they did when they came back last Thursday. If anything, this has created a [sense of] solidarity."

Thursday, December 30, 2010

And they're off! Bono and his family enjoy a day at the races

He nearly didn’t make it home for Christmas after his plane was diverted returning home from Australia, so Bono is making the most of time with his family.
The U2 front man took his family for a flutter at Leopardstown race course and enjoyed a beautiful day at the race meeting.
Bono, 50, was joined by wife Ali Hewson and his brood who cheered on from a private box at the Dublin course. 
The Irish rocker enjoyed time with his two sons Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q,11, and John Abraham,9, and his two daughters Mempis Eve,19, and Jordan,21.

After a hectic work schedule returning home from a 5-week tour in Australia a few days ago, Bono enjoyed a well-earned break with his family at the meet.
With some of the group tucking in to wine and beers on offer the gang got into the festive spirit looking lively and spirited as they watched the races.
The rocker only just made it home for Christmas as the big freeze played havoc with his band’s travel plans.
Last week just days before Christmas, their plane was unable to land in Dublin and was diverted to Shannon, County Clare, over 130 miles away.
The rockers only agreed to the diversion on the provision that they could be guaranteed rooms at the luxurious Dromoland Castle.
The request was duly fulfilled and the stars were treated to a restful stay before finally heading home for Christmas.
The day of joviality may help to put Bono’s concerns to the back of his mind, mainly the troubled Spider-Man musical, which he and band member the Edge have written music for.
The show, which is the most expensive production in Broadway history, has not only been panned by critics but has also suffered delays and its lead actress Natalie Mendoza quit this week.
The 30-year-old pulled out after being injured while performing in Spider-Man: Turn Of The Dark.
She was hit by a rope at the show’s first preview in November and is the fourth cast-member to be injured taking part in the musical.
The show is due to officially open on February 7 and is being shown at Foxwood Theatre in New York.

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Adam Levine : Thanks U2 for Your 'Kick Ass' Private

Adam Levine poses outside a plane on Wednesday (December 29).
“Dear U2, Thanks for letting us borrow your plane…it’s kick ass,” the 31-year-old Maroon 5 frontman tweeted.
“Just landed in Trinidad! Life just continues to be this long, continuously trippy adventure,” he added.
Adam and his bandmates will be performing at Trinidad & Tobago’s Hasley Crawford Stadium on Thursday (December 30) before jetting to New Jersey the next day for another show.
On New Year’s Day, Maroon 5 will play a show in Ontario, Canada. Check the band’s website for more info on their upcoming shows!

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Bono : U2 are at crossroads

U2 are struggling to choose between four very different albums for their next release, singer Bono admits. And they're aware they have to be more straightforward with a new record after the relative failure of last year's offering.
No Line on the Horizon was to be followed with a companion release, Songs of Ascent – but with the comparative disappointment of the 2009 record's critical reception and sales figures, U2 have had to think again.
Bono tells Rolling Stone: "No Line on the Horizon is not very accessible, lyrically or musically. We put out a really difficult record – I have to admit that. If I was a teenager, it would be like a European movie. It's arthouse."
There are a number of options for the follow-up, he explains: "Songs of Ascent, which is the meditative work that was ment to complement No Line on the Horizon. We've also got a rock album and a club-sounding album. Then we have the Spider-Man musical stuff.
"We have to decide how we go about releasing them. Do we release them in their groups? We're not as 21st-century as we think we are. If we were we'd be putting out more new songs online and involving our audience in the choice. Instead we're sitting here arguing about them while no one else knows about them."

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Greg Garrett : Author of We Get To Carry Each Other : The Gospel According To U2

John Cheek interviews American theologian and author of a fascinating study of the music of U2, GREG GARRETT


The book by Greg Garrett We Get To Carry Each Other: The Gospel According To U2 is one of the most absorbing ever penned about the Irish rock superstars. Unfortunately, due to distribution and rights' problems, is only available now in the UK, via mail-order. The man behind We Get To Carry Each Other is a Professor of English at Baylor University in Texas as well as being an author, theologian, lay preacher and musician. I recently fired some questions at him.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

U2 - Driving To Midnight Mass On Dublin Christmas Eve

WikiLeaks cable reveals Berlusconi's efforts to duck Bono tongue-lashing

Italian prime minister considered increasing budget for foreign assistance just to avoid losing face to U2 frontman.

Silvio Berlusconi considered increasing Italy's foreign aid budget during the country's 2009 G8 presidency to avoid a "tongue-lashing" from Irish rock hero Bono, according to a confidential US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks.
In the leaked memo, William Meara, the economic adviser at the American embassy in Rome, reports that despite budget cuts and "with its 2009 G8 presidency looming", the newly installed, centre-right government "may decide to maintain funding levels [to Africa] simply to avoid an embarrassing tongue-lashing from Bono et al".
The relationship between the two men had been publicly strained since 2006, when Bono accused Berlusconi of "exploiting" his image in the runup to the country's elections.
The U2 frontman had appeared in a brochure sent to Italian homes in which it was claimed that Bono, who has long worked to eradicate world poverty, was "grateful" for Italy's actions to help the world's poor.
In an open letter, Bono said he felt a "bit exploited" by the claim. He pointed out that Italy would have to more than double its aid by 2010 to meet a personal commitment Berlusconi had made to the singer to cancel the debts of poor countries to Italy.

Sivert Höyem - Belorado

Not a Christmas song, but it looks like one and I love it! Enjoy!

U2 - I Believe In Father Christmas

U2 - Happy X-Mas (War Is Over), It's Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) & Band Aid

U2 - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Bono busking on Grafton street 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Stranded U2 find themselves kings of the castle

IT was a homecoming of sorts, but one fit for rock royalty. The historic Dromoland Castle flung open its doors in extraordinary circumstances this week for returning global superstars U2.
Despite being closed for Christmas, staff at the five-star hotel went back to work just for one night on Monday to welcome U2 singer Bono and guitarist Edge. The rockers had their travel plans disrupted by snow and needed somewhere suitably palatial to hole up for the night.
The stay came about after U2's Principal Management contacted the 16th Century castle, where a luxury suite costs €950 a night, to ask if they could put up some VIPs.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Seasons Greetings from and an exclusive download from U2 and Soweto Gospel Choir.

Final details on the tracklisting of 'U2 Duals' will be coming in January but by way of thanking our subscribers for their patience in waiting for this gift, right now we're offering you an exclusive advance download of one of the tracks on the new collection.

Amazing Grace/Where the Streets Have No Name by U2 and Soweto Gospel Choir was originally produced to mark the 2010 FIFA World Cup.


We'll be emailing all subscribers as soon as we have final details on delivery times.

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U2's Bono: I Can Be A Pain In The Arse

U2 frontman Bono has described himself as a “pain in the arse”.

The singer acknowledged that he sometimes suffered from the trait during an editorial in the Australian Herald Sun newspaper.

Writing about the band's past experiences in the country and his humanitarian work, he wrote: “I know I can be a pain in the arse. I have an annoying gene; it's in my DNA - I even annoy myself.

“When righteous anger turns to self-righteous, projectile vomit is the right response.”

Bono continued: “All I can say is that you can become traumatised as well as inspired by the lives you meet along the dirt road of extreme poverty.

“Watching the bright light of life go out of some kid's eyes gets me to a place I can't explain.”

He added: “Sometimes I forget that I'm an artist, but I shouldn't, because that's what I am, a working pop artist in a big F-Off rock band.”

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U2.COM : We Have Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered our competition to win a copy of 'Wide Awake in Europe'.

We had the largest number of entries we've ever had for a competition on - and hundreds of you provided us with correct answers to our devious question to name a couple of tracks by the band that have been released as a single... without being from one of U2's studio albums.

Among the winning answers were: Another Day (1980); 11 O Clock Tick Tock (1980); A Celebration (1982); Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me (1995); The Sweetest Thing (1998): Electrical Storm (2002); The Saints Are Coming (2006); Window in the Skies (2007)

From the many winning entries we randomly selected 20 and they come from all over the world.

So here are the lucky winners. Give it up for ... Michael McMullan, Jonathan Bliss, Ingrid Nava, Brian Madl, Garry Achterhof, Antoinette Pugliese, Bernd Faustmann, Sean O'Connor, Danielle Meyer, Anita Johansen, Ruurd Edens, Matthew Denning, Thomas Hannan, Kyle Stiff, Scott Addie, Joe Keegan , Dominique Bramlett, Matthew Geraghty, Mandy Pasko and Jon Van Gorph in Australia.

A copy of the limited edition vinyl EP Wide Awake in Europe is now on the way to each of these lucky winners.

A quick view of my U2 room !!!

U2 - Multicam Brussels (22/09) Part 1 (preview)

by fransdeb22 and

U2 - Intro (partial) + Return Of The Stingray Guitar (Helsinki II 2010) -MULTICAM DRAFT-

by : watermark260783

While waiting for more answers from youtube users (regarding videos for Helsinki I+II, and Athens - if u r watching this and have filmed something in HD at those concerts, plz contact me!) I did a rough draft for Space Oddity and Return Of The Stingray Guitar with the videos I already got.

This might not be the final edit.

Sadly I don't have as many videos as I had for Frankfurt (for some songs I only have 3-4 cameras while for others 5+) but it's gonna be neat anyway ;).

The audio used is Bono's IEM but it will likely be replaced by an audio matrix.
Thank you to everybody who contributed to this so far! You will be credited in the final DVD.

U2 tracks streamed free in Ireland

U2, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga's songs have been made available to stream for free to eircom customers in Ireland.
U2, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga's songs have been made available for free in Ireland.
Customers of broadband provider eircom will be allowed to stream nearly four million tracks from their MusicHub for free and without adverts or restrictions.
The MusicHub service also makes downloads available at a competitive price and can also be accessed and used by non-eircom customers who have a fixed broadband internet connection for a fee.
The service was launched by Irish singer Imelda May and Stephen Beynon, Group Managing Director of Consumer and Small Business at eircom.
He said: "We are the first and only Internet provider in Ireland to offer online streaming as part of a music service.
"Customers will not find a greater selection of music across all genres anywhere else in Ireland from their broadband provider."
The service has been brought about after eircom struck deals with each of the major record labels including Universal Music UK, Sony, EMI, Warner Music as well as Merlin, a global rights body representing thousands of independent labels.
The service lets users download Digitally Rights Managed free music to their computer and MP3 players which they can keep even if they leave the service.
Packages enabling users to download music start at 5.99 Euros a month, which allows customers to download 15 tracks a month.

source :

Bono and Edge forced to take the train home

Sometimes 'you can't make it on your own' -- so U2 escaped getting 'stuck in a moment they couldn't get out of' yesterday thanks to Irish Rail.
Passengers travelling on Iarnrod Eireann's 14.20 train from Cork to Dublin were astonished to find themselves sharing a carriage with Bono and Edge.
Jetting back into Ireland from the latest leg of their world tour in Australia, the U2 stars were forced to land in Cork after Dublin airport closed.
With roads hazardous due to snowfalls and ice, the group's singer and guitarist contacted Irish Rail to reserve first-class tickets on an early afternoon train from Cork to Dublin.
"As far as we understand Bono and Edge had been delayed and had spent 36 hours travelling from Perth, Australia when they were diverted to Cork.
They contacted us and we were delighted to have them as passengers on Irish Rail yesterday," said Barry Kenny of Irish Rail.
Sources claim that stunned passengers on the 14.20 train leaving Cork yesterday initially mistook Bono and Edge for members of a U2 tribute act.
But they realised their mistake over the course of the journey.

source :

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Early U2 "A Little Rinky-Dink," Says Label Boss

To mark the 50th anniversary of Island Records, founder and music industry icon Chris Blackwell has taken part in a book tracing the label's formative years and beyond.
"The Story of Island Records" (Universe), edited by Suzette Newman and Chris Salewicz, is a colorful tribute not just to Bob Marley and the Caribbean sound he helped popularize, but to the early history of alternative rock and new wave.
Case in point: Blackwell signed U2 in 1980, but he wasn't all that impressed with Bono and his ragtag Irish crew when he first saw them perform at a London pub. "I didn't love the music," said Blackwell during an interview with NPR's "Weekend Edition" on Saturday. "It was a little rinky-dink, but I believed in them."
An extended version of the interview appears on NPR's The Record blog, where Blackwell bemoans the loss of a label's musical identity.
"Record labels now (don't) mean what they used to be to me when I was a fan," he said. "For example ... (jazz label) Blue Note Records was a guarantee of quality. They signed great musicians, and they recorded them absolutely brilliantly. Atlantic was a label that I loved; they had the best R&B music. King Records I loved; they had James Brown. There was a certain kind of identity with each label. That can happen when you're independent. When it's a major company, they can't do that in the same way. It's changed really a great deal, because also people don't even see a label. It used to be something where, you know, you saw that Motown record spinning around; there was a kind of excitement about it. You knew what you were going to get, that Motown sound. That doesn't exist now."
His advice for new artists trying to break? Be patient and own your work. "They can sell their music; they can market themselves on the Web. Takes a long time, because it's sort of going bit by bit, but they can promote their concerts, and they can gather e-mail addresses or Facebook pages ... and grow like that," he said. "(They can) have a very successful career and own their own masters. They don't need to give that up to a record label, which happened in the old days."

source :

Oprah Winfrey Offered U2's Bono a TV Show on OWN

"I look at everything now through the prism of, 'This could make a very good TV show!'" she says.

Oprah Winfrey recently chatted up U2's Bono at a dinner -- and then propositioned a business deal.
“Would you like a TV show?” she asked him, according to the New York Times.
"I look at everything now through the prism of, ‘This could make a very good TV show!'" added Winfrey, who will launch the OWN Network next month. (No word on if Bono accepted the offer.)

Monday, December 20, 2010

ONE.ORG : Pulling it all together in Perth

The U2 360° Tour closed out the New Zealand – Australia leg in Perth with shows on the 18th and 19th and what an awesome stop for ONE!  Perth proved to have a loyal ONE following….with more than 50 ONE Members coming out over the course of the two shows and signing up over 6,500 new ONE Members. That number surpassed all others on this leg and I want to congratulate every person who made that happen.
One members in Perth
I have met some incredible people during this leg of the tour. Your passion and commitment to ONE and the fight for the world’s poorest people is inspiring beyond words. Volunteering your time for something you feel so strongly about puts it all into perspective. The days were long, hot, often times rainy, yet you never complained. You were grateful to be out talking to folks and getting them to join you in the fight against extreme poverty. I am always taken aback when you thank me for the work I’m doing because all the thanks and praise goes to you. What we achieved over the course of the past five weeks is only possible because you came out and made it happen.
I want to thank you all for your generosity, your time, your dedication and your love. It was an honour to meet all of you and I look forward to working with you again soon.
Here’s to many great things in 2011!

source : by Maura Daley

U2.COM : Moments before taking the stage in Perth

U2.COM : Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me , Kill Me in Perth

Rock royalty U2 give Perth a musical moment to remember

Rock royalty U2 delivered a massive musical moment last night.
In the first of two Perth concerts, supported by hip-hop and music heavyweight Jay-Z, the unique stage set-up, a back catalogue of huge hits and Bono's charismatic rock star status combined to provide the around 60,000 fans who packed the stadium to the brim with an unforgettable night.
The world class performance and huge "claw", which combined masses of speakers and a mesmerising video screen facing 360 degrees, though was juxtaposed with the almost third world conditions of Perth's biggest stadium, with fans having to wait in mammoth lines if they wanted to enjoy a drink during the concert.

U2 - Intro, Beautiful Day, I Will Follow (clips live in Perth 2010-12-18 - 9News - proshot)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bono : When love comes to town - An Australian Romance

WHAT a magical place this is. Surely it's alchemy that has turned this often-parched continent into the most fertile country on the planet. Fertile lands, fertile minds.
People full of fun and mischief, up-front, no-nonsense except the nonsense we enjoy, and with a point of view like no one else's, not even us who speak, like you, some bastard version of the King's English.
The world looks here to see the Jeffersonian dream of equality in action.
The government helped advance it when Kevin Rudd, on behalf of the nation, faced up to an uncomfortable past and welcomed - well, if not quite atonement - some measure of dignity, of peace, of grace.
For me a love affair began in 1984, when U2 arrived in Sydney with some new songs: Pride in the Name of Love, and the Unforgettable Fire.
Our band - like countless Irish before us - landed here, and fell over in awe.

U2 rocks 55,000 fans at Patersons Stadium in Subiaco

INTIMACY isn't a word usually associated with heaving stadium rock shows, but with the help of their sprawling four-legged stage rig The Claw, U2 managed to reach out to an estimated 55,000 fans at Patersons Stadium Saturday night.
While the lengths and figures associated with the record-breaking tour's sci-fi staging has attracted just as much attention as the performances themselves, somewhere beneath 54 tonnes of LED video screens, the Dublin quartet kicked off with rousing new instrumental number The Return Of The Stingray Guitar.

With the grandiose nature of the occasion suitably set, the band then segued into Beautiful Day, the first of numerous hits to litter the first hour of their show.

Ever the charmer, Bono also managed to sneak localised shout outs to Fremantle, Cottesloe and Dennis Lillee into the first half of the show, describing drummer Larry Mullen Jr as the "Adam Gilchrist of U2".

U2.COM : 'End Of Year Party'

'This is our last night of the year - this is our end of year party.'

And so it came to be, for the second night in Perth and the thirty-second show since the 360 Tour opened up again in Turin way back in early August.

'Let me look at you. ' says Bono. 'Sexy people. It must be Perth. It was great last night... its going to pretty great tonight.

'This is our last night of the year - this our end of year party. Happy Christmas Larry, Adam, Edge - if you don't get any cards, I've been busy!'

The combination of the last night with the impending arrival of Christmas was destined to make this a show to remember and the inclusion of a trilogy of Rattle and Hum tracks sealed the deal: what a reception for All I Want Is You ('This song was first played in this city..') followed by Love Rescue Me and then Desire ('Another song we first played in Perth..')

And special mention tonight to the U2 crew.

'Maddest and smartest, and they're the best at what they do,' explained Bono. 'Two of them have woken up from their madness. You've never met Dave Skaff or Karen Nicholson but if you've ever seen U2 play - they've been there. May 2011 bring you all you want and more.
For all those important journeys our prayer is that you don't get there too quickly.'

As ever great to see two children join the band on stage for In A Little While (tonight, take a bow, April and Elvis)  and as the 360 spaceship soared high over Perth a great year on the road came to a fitting close.

'You're an incredible crowd. Thank you to everyone. Everyone who's played such an amazing blinder here. We've been seized.  I know a girl -  Party girl !'

So a verse from a track from 1983 serenaded us into the final benediction of 2009's Moment of Surrender.

See you in February in South Africa - but before that, if you were  the final show of 2010 tonight  add your own reviews and post your photos if you were at the show.

U2 - Perth, AU setlist 2010-12-19

  1. Return Of The Stingray Guitar
  2. Beautiful Day / Rain (snippet)
  3. New Year's Day
  4. Get On Your Boots
  5. Magnificent
  6. Mysterious Ways / Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (snippet)
  7. Elevation
  8. Until The End Of The World
  9. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For / Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (snippet)
  10. All I Want Is You / Never Tear Us Apart (snippet)
  11. Love Rescue Me
  12. Desire
  13. In A Little While
  14. Miss Sarajevo
  15. City Of Blinding Lights
  16. Vertigo
  17. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight / Discothèque (snippet)
  18. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  19. Scarlet
  20. Walk On
  21. encore(s):
  22. One
  23. Amazing Grace (snippet) / Where The Streets Have No Name / Singing In The Rain (snippet)
  24. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
  25. With Or Without You
  26. Party Girl (snippet) / Moment of Surrender
source :

Bono and band play on as police search the sea

A paddleboard abandoned on the water's edge during a Sydney beach party hosted by touring Irish rockers U2 sparked a police and helicopter search for a ''missing'' person.

During the afternoon barbecue at a house on Bilgola Beach rented by drummer Larry Mullen and his family, children who were using the board left it lying on the sand just before dark.

Guests at Wednesday's garden soiree in Allen Avenue included U2's singer Bono and his wife Ali Hewson and their children, as well as band members The Edge and Adam Clayton. They were joined by former Australian rock hero and environmentalist Peter Garrett, now federal Education Minister, and his fashion-model daughter Grace.

U2.COM : Killing Bono, Opening 2011

'Two brothers attempt to become global rock stars but can only look on as old school friends U2 become the biggest band in the world.'

That's the storyline of Killing Bono, a music-based comedy coming in April based on the memoirs of  Neil McCormick,  an old school friend of the band.

These days Neil is the rock critic of The Daily Telegraph newspaper in the UK, but as a teenager he and his brother Ivan were at school in Dublin with Adam, Larry, Edge and Bono.

With a screenplay by Dick Clement and Ian LaFrenais, the film records Neil and Ivan's plans  for global rock superstardom after seeing the career of their school mates take off. And while history records that their ambition was sadly unfulfilled... it does make a funny story.

'It’s the story of my life as a failed rock star,' explains Neil.  'Most people deemed worthy of the biopic treatment have actually done something memorable... all I did was royally screw things up for myself, while my school friends in U2 went on to achieve everything I ever wanted.'

Directed by BAFTA winning Nick Hamm, the film has a pretty fine cast including  Ben Barnes (playing Neil), Robert Sheehan (playing Ivan), Peter Serafinowicz, Pete Postlethwaite and Martin McCann (playing Bono).

Although U2 are not involved in anyway with the film, some of the people behind the production are good friends with the band: apart from Neil,  Ian Flooks, one of the producers, was U2's agent from 1980-1997.  As it's not a documentary or factual drama, there's more than a little poetic license in the screenplay but as one man's self-deprecating account of the struggle for rock'n'roll success in the 1980's music scene, Killing Bono offers another perspective on a mythical period in the earliest days of U2. No doubt plenty of fans will be checking it out in April.

You can find the first official trailer of Killing Bono here

U2 - Ultraviolet (Light My Way) - live in Perth 2010-12-18

U2.COM : North Star Over Perth

Last but one night of U2360 in 2010 and we're in Perth at the Subiaco Oval. Show's just over and here's what you've been saying about it.

'Just witnessed one of the great bands to play in Perth.'

'So many highlights including "Until the End of the World" played with so much passion and energy, hearing "Bad" live for my first ever time and Bono's passion at the end of "One"...'

'The 60,000 strong crowd loved it, especially when Bono compared the band to cricketers - Warnie -> Adam Clayton (defintely), Larry - Gilchrist (WA loves Gilly so definitely), the Edge - Mr Cricket Hussey (definitely) and then himself.... Boony - WA loves anyone who can take the piss out of themselves and Bono did it perfectly. Thanks for one of the best concerts I have been to....'

'My first U2 concert as I have been too young to go before. I was right up the front and I started crying when U2 came on stage...'

Check the set list and if you were  at the show in Perth tonight, post your own review and upload your photos on our Tour Page.

Friday, December 17, 2010

U2.COM : Follow The Shows in Perth

Planning to be at the final two shows of 2010 in Perth  ? Or just want to follow online. Here's the deal.

Want to follow the countdown to the shows in Perth ?   Check out  this thread and join the conversation. Subscribers might like to check in a few hours ahead of the show to join in with  live updates from fans at the shows as it all happens.

If you're tweeting from - or about - the Perth shows, use the hashtag #U2360downunder or #U2360Perth.

U2 - New Year's Day live in Sydney 2010-12-14

U2 Rarity Up For Grabs

Is this the best Christmas present ever? An auction is currently underway for a guitar signed by all four members of U2.
The fully autographed Fender Stat guitar comes framed with a vinyl copy of their classic debut album, Boy.
All proceeds from this valuable piece of rock memorabilia go to Bailey's Day - a charity that supports children with cancer.
Place a bid now for your chance to own this exciting piece of rock memorabilia.

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Bono & the Edge to Join Carson Daly for NBC's New Years Eve Special

Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and the rock band My Chemical Romance will be Carson Daly's guests as he hosts NBC's New Year's Eve with Carson Daly on December 31st.  In addition to musical performances from those three acts, U2's Bono and The Edge will also appear on the show to chat about writing the music for the new Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.  In a statement, Daly said, "Sitting down and drinking champagne with Bono and The Edge is on my 'bucket list' -- so getting to do that is awesome!" The show kicks off at 10 p.m. Eastern time on December 31st.

source :

‘Spider-Man’ Opening Delayed Again

The lead producers of the new Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” have decided again to delay its opening night, now scheduled for Jan. 11, until sometime in February, two people involved with the musical said on Thursday. With preview performances now under way the delay is intended to provide more time for the creators to stage a new final number, make further rewrites to the dialogue and consider adding and cutting scenes and perhaps inserting new music from the composers, U2’s Bono and the Edge, who will resume working full-time on the show in late December.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

U2 Rarities To Be Played On The Vinyl Experience

U2 fan and author John D. Luerssen will bring his extensive collection of U2 rarities to New York's WRXP this Sunday when he is the special guest of "The Vinyl Experience" host Paul Cavalconte.
Among the goodies that NYC area listeners can hear on 101.9 FM (and stream live via this Sunday include U2's 1978 demo "Street Missions," a 1979 track from the group's CBS Eire debut EP Three, the band's long disowned 1982 A-side "A Celebration" and more.
In a special segment of "The Vinyl Experience" dedicated to Luerssen's new 450+ page book, U2 FAQ: Anything You'd Ever Want To Know About The World's Biggest Band And More (Backbeat), Cavalconte and Luerssen talk at length about the accomplishments of U2 and the impact the Dublin band has had on the rock world since it first came together at a non-secular arts high school in Dublin in 1976. The show airs Sunday at 9 a.m.
"This is a rare opportunity for me as a fan to highlight some of the awesome lesser known songs in the U2 catalog," says Luerssen, a Westfield, New Jersey resident who listens to the radio station loyally. "What a thrill to visit the 'RXP studios and chat with Paul."

Other rare songs from U2's catalog slated for the segment include the original version of "Sweetest Thing," a 1987 Joshua Tree B-side that the band reworked into a massive hit in 1998, U2's rendition of Lou Reed's classic "Satellite of Love" (a B-side of 1992's global smash "One"), and another 1987 rarity, "Spanish Eyes," which U2's frontman Bono wrote for his wife, Ali. 

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thousands of cheap seats: U2 fails to sell out

They may be one of the biggest rock bands in the world, but Sydney has served up a shock to U2 - their second show, tonight, has not sold out.

More than 2200 $40 tickets - the cheapest for the Irish band's 360 tour - are unsold for tonight's concert at ANZ Stadium. Limited tickets are also available for more expensive seats, promoter Michael Coppel said.

He said that may be because the unprecedented number of concerts this summer has saturated the Sydney entertainment market.
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Mr Coppel, who is bringing other popular musicians such as Linkin Park, Katy Perry and Rihanna to Australia, said he has "never seen the Australian market this busy".

"Seven national tours that have gone on sale in the last five days," he said, naming Justin Bieber, Santana, Lionel Richie and James Blunt.

"I think it reflects the fact that when they [U2] toured last time, when their tickets went on sale, there were very few other concerts on sale.

"When they toured this time, they were the last big show of the summer to go on sale, and there was substantial sales already to Bon Jovi, and the Eagles, and Leonard Cohen and Muse and a range of other shows.

"Obviously everybody's business is slightly affected because we only have a limited amount of people."

Mr Coppel said one of the reasons that rival promoters had scheduled their concerts all around the same time was that each of them was busy working on their own projects and weren't aware of what their competitors were doing until they reached the promotional stage.

"Every promoter, if they are honest, would say 'I didn't realise it was going to be this busy. Suddenly there are 22 on the market.'"

The cluttered calendar was expected to free up by next winter, as it usually does, and as promoters reassess the number of acts they are bringing in to Australia, he said.

"Hopefully it will be a little less frantic in the summer next year."

About 130,000 tickets were on sale for U2's two concerts.

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U2.COM : Third Show In Brazil

Due to overwhelming demand a third show has been added at the Estadio Morumbi in Sao Paulo, Brazil   next April.

With the shows on April 9th and April 10th selling out in record time, this third show in Brazil will take place on Wednesday April 13th. Muse will be special guests at all three dates in Sau Paulo.

Tickets for the show will go on sale to the public next Monday, December 20th but subscribers can enter a special advance presale beginning tomorrow, THURSDAY DECEMBER 16TH at 10am (local) and running until FRIDAY DECEMBER 17TH at 8pm (local).

All subscribers will be emailed later today with presale codes and further details.

Interested in becoming a subscriber and entering the ticket presales ?  Here's all you need - including news of 'U2:Duals'. This is a limited edition CD, not for sale at retail, featuring U2 collaborations with other artists.

Tickets will go on sale to Citibank customers, including Credicard and Diners cardholders, on Saturday, December 18th and 19th and to the general public on Monday, December 20th. 

Tickets will start at $70 BRL, with general admission field tickets available at $180 BRL.  Tickets may be purchased by phone at 4003-0806 (for the entire country), via Internet at, at the official box office (Credicard Hall) and retail outlets around the country  (

U2.COM : Crashing The Party (video)

'That's part of our rider, we want Adam to have full pants-dropping privileges.'

On 'Pants Off Friday' a couple of weeks ago, Oz comedians Hamish Blake and Andy Lee got a surprise when U2 crashed the party.

U2.COM : 'Great to be back in Brisvegas' (video)

'Queensland has treated us royally over the years,' reflected Bono in Brisbane - and the people here have some special talents observes Larry.

Here's the band musing on being in Queensland - and then playing Bad.

U2 - All I Want Is You & Love Rescue Me live in Sydney 2010-12-14

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name live in Sydney 2010-12-13 (great quality)

Bono and Bishop have meeting of minds

U2 frontman Bono has thanked Australian politicians for arguing "about all the right things" in their efforts to combat world poverty.
In a meeting with federal opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman Julie Bishop in Sydney on Tuesday, the rock star praised the bipartisan support Australian politicians have given to providing aid.
"One thing that struck me about Australians is you love a good argument and you argue about all the right things," he said.
The pair had a serious but informal chat as they sat on a couch at the commonwealth parliamentary offices in Sydney before speaking briefly to reporters.
Ms Bishop said they had had "a fruitful discussion" about Australia's aid program.
"I've explained how there is a bipartisan commitment in Australia to ensure we meet a 0.5 per cent of gross national income target for our aid budget by 2015," she said.
"We are also very much in support of the government's current review of the effectiveness of that aid budget.
"Australians are very generous people but they need to be assured that they are getting value for the money they commit to development overseas."
Bono, who will perform with U2 at ANZ Stadium on Tuesday night, presented Ms Bishop with a red iPod as part of his Red Campaign to raise awareness about HIV/Aids.
When asked by Ms Bishop if U2's top 100 songs were already downloaded, Bono said she would have to program it herself.
"I wasn't sure if you might have been more (into) Radiohead or Coldplay or Jay Z," he said.

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U2.COM : Mysterious Ways in Sydney (video)

U2 switch up setlist for second Sydney show; "Spider-Man" voted as a "Must See"

U2 fans in Sydney were indeed spoiled during the two shows the band played for them. Night one had celebrity guests and last night’s show had a truly wonderful setlist.
Via U2gigs, “All I Want Is You” made its “360” tour debut. The song replaced “I Still Haven’t Found” and had not been performed since 2006! Also shuffled in was “Love Rescue Me”, which had an even longer period of time without being performed (20 years). Another Beatles snippet (“Sgt. Pepper”) made it in during “Beautiful Day”. Unlike the first Sydney concert, “Ultraviolet” was switched in during the encore.
I’m so thrilled they decided to bring “All I Want Is You” to the “360” stage. It’s one of their most stunning songs and the live version from the Slane Castle concert stands out as one of my favorites.
Bono talked about the many memories the band shared with the city, like performing their “ZooTV” tour in Sydney and the broadcast of one of the shows. “Adam you probably don’t remember it. But we remember it and what a turning point it was. We are so proud of you Adam Clayton,” he said to the cheering crowd. He then added, “Adam Clayton version 2.0 started here in Sydney.” Adam had missed the first Sydney show of that tour.
Bono also mentioned the “LoveTown” film and said, “We’re gonna try a few songs from that time… we’re taking requests in Syndey.” The band then went into “All I Want Is You”.
U2 have only two shows left on this leg of “360”. The band play in Perth this weekend before closing up the spaceship for good until 2011.
Back in the US, there’s some good news to be felt for Bono and Edge. readers have voted “Spider-Man” as a “Must See” show for musical fans. The poll results revealed that 25% of fans were intrigued about the buzz surrounding the show and 24% said they were fans of seasoned Broadway star Jennifer Damiano (Mary Jane), while 17% were interested in it because Julie Taymor was directing. The people have indeed spoken!
Below is video from night one in Sydney. Here is “Stuck in a Moment”. Video by DavidWilling.

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U2.COM : Sydney Welcomes U2 (video)

U2 live in Sydney : a pulsating night with a message

BUSY, busy, busy. Under a giant claw/spaceship/kid's-toy-on-steroids stage set, in a stadium filled to the nosebleed seats and the inner circle pulsating with energised fans, empty seconds rarely appeared.
Across two hours and 24 of their own songs, U2 managed to slip in lyrical, musical or visual references to the Beatles and David Bowie, AIDS and Sarajevo, INXS and Frankie Goes To Hollywood, family death and African debt, Bob Geldof and Aung San Suu Kyi, Kanye West and Amazing Grace, Oprah Winfrey and Amnesty International. Oh yes, and office Christmas parties.

U2 - Sydney 2010-12-14 setlist

Return of the Stingray Guitar
Beautiful Day
New Year's Day
Get On Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Until The End Of The World
All I Want Is You
Love Rescue Me
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
In A Little While
Miss Sarajevo
City Of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix)
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On


Where The Streets Have No Name

Encore 2

Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
With Or Without You
Moment Of Surrender

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U2.COM : All I Want is Sydney

'Thank you Sydney. You are something else!'

If last night's show was one to remember, tonight was not going to be outdone bringing to mind all the great times the band have had in this city down the years.

'We've been based in Sydney for a few weeks,' explained Bono. 'We don't want to leave...' That went down quite well as Bono recalled earlier visits, like in 1984, the first time the band arrived down under when 'we debuted a whole lot of strange, new music, unforgettable fire...'
'Then we played here on ZOO TV and that show was broadcast... Adam you probably don't remember it. But we remember it and what a turning point it was. We are so proud of you Adam Clayton...'
(Huge response from everyone in the house at this point...)
'Adam Clayton version 2.0 started here in Sydney...'

With the memories flooding back, Bono recalled the LoveTown film made with Richard Lowenstein and that set the scene for something a little bit special.
'We're gonna try a few songs from that time... we're taking requests in Sydney..'

And with that we had the inimitable opening bars of All I Want Is You, played live for the first time since the Vertigo stop in Honolulu four years ago this month - and this Sydney audience joined in like their very lives depended on it. The super-slow ending, with Bono on harmonica while the audience sang backing vocals, segued into a snatch of INXS and Need You Tonight ('you're one of my kind....') then Never Tear Us Apart before another segue - 'Raise me up and don’t let me fall,
No man is my enemy' - and we were into Love Rescue Me.
This track, written with Bob Dylan in the late 1980's, has not been played in full on tour for more than twenty years and with the band standing close to each other on stage, it was a bit of a spine-tingler.

By now the 360 Sydney spaceship was high in orbit and everyone knew it. 'I didn't think it was possible to get higher than last night,' mused Bono at the end. 'Thank you. Hope it was worth you leaving your home on a Tuesday night.'

If you were at the show, add your own reviews and upload your photos to our tour page.

Monday, December 13, 2010

U2.COM : Edge soundchecks in Sydney (video)

This is The Edge, on stage in Sydney. Warming up before everyone arrives.

U2.COM : First Night in Sydney

Amazing opening night of two in front of 70,000 at the Olympic Stadium in Sydney. And some special guests in the house tonight including Oprah who gets a special shout out in Beautiful Day ('Oprah Winfrey right in front of me') and Bob Geldof, whose 'Do They Know It's Christmas' finds its seasonal  way into opening 'Stuck In A Moment'

'Stuck' was dedicated to Michael Hutchence whose spirit was with us in a couple of INXS moments during a soaring version of Bad which featured snatches of Need You Tonight and Never Tear Us Apart - the whole stadium adding backing vocals.

U2 - Sydney, AU 2010-12-13 setlist

Return of the Stingray Guitar
Beautiful Day
I Will Follow
Get On Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Until The End Of The World
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
In A Little While
Miss Sarajevo
City Of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix)
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On


Where The Streets Have No Name

Encore 2

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
With Or Without You
Moment Of Surrender

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

U2.COM : 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' With Jay-Z (full audio streaming on U2 Hellas)

Ahead of U2360° arriving in Sydney on Monday, take a listen to this exclusive audio of U2 featuring Jay-Z on 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'.

Jay-Z first performed the song with the band in Berlin in 2009, at the twentieth anniversary celebrations of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

This version has been recorded on the current New Zealand/Australia leg of the 360 Tour - which culminates with shows in Sydney on Monday and Tuesday and Perth on Saturday and Sunday.

U2,COM : Follow The Show in Sydney

Want to follow the countdown to the first night in Sydney ?   Check out  this thread and join the conversation.

(Tomorrow we'll be opening a thread for Subscribers to follow  live updates from  fans at the show as it all happens.) 

If you're tweeting from - or about - the Sydney shows, use the hashtag #U2360downunder or #U2360Sydney.)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bono gives Oakville family a sneak peek of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

 There's been so many negative news surrounding the upcoming Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark musical the last few weeks (or months, or years) that I thought I'd share a positive story passed along to me from reader Andrew McIvor in Oakville, Ont.
Last month, McIvor and his family were in New York and had tickets to what was supposed to be the first Spider-Man preview on November 14. That preview was cancelled and pushed back a couple weeks, much to their disappointment. But then, well, I'll throw the story over to McIvor here:
We continued with our planned trip staying at The Westin on 43rd St just down the street from the Foxwoods Theater where Spiderman was to preview.

U2 360 tour, Brisbane #2, AU photoset

Friday, December 10, 2010

U2 360 tour Brisbane #1, AU photoset

U2 - Mercy - 2010-12-09 Brisbane, AU

U2 - HMTMKMKM - 2010-12-09 Brisbane, AU

U2 - Ultra Violet (Light My Way) - 2010-12-08 Brisbane, AU

New Poster For Killing Bono

Semi-retired Gold Coast businessman scores two unlikely golf buddies from U2

A GOLD Coast man got more than he bargained for this week during a game of golf at the Hope Island course.
The semi-retired businessman was on the practice green when a foreign man approached him to ask if he and his friend could join him on his round.
The local man happily agreed and soon discovered he was talking to the stage manager for Irish rockers U2.
"Oh and does your friend work for U2 as well?" he asked.
"That's Bono, the lead singer," the stage manager replied.
The man enjoyed 18 holes with Bono and the stage manager, a beer or two afterwards, and scored tickets to Wednesday night's show.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Laura's star turn with Bono at Brisbane U2 concert

LAURA Loritz travelled all the way from her homeland of Italy to see her favourite band for the first time - but it was worth the trip.
The 19-year-old nanny was plucked from the Suncorp Stadium crowd on Wednesday to join the world's most famous rock star on stage.
U2's Bono singled out Ms Loritz from more than 55,000 fans to serenade her with the Irish band's song A Little While.
Ms Loritz, who has been living and working as a nanny in Brisbane for the past four months, said it was a surreal moment.
"It was amazing and beautiful," she said.
"Any positive adjective you can find in the dictionary is how I feel today.
"I never expected anything like it would happen."
Speaking exclusively to The Courier-Mail yesterday, Ms Loritz said she had been foiled in several previous attempts to see her favourites on stage.
 "They're one of those bands that everyone want to go and see in their lifetime," Ms Loritz said.
"I was supposed to see them in London but I couldn't go, I was supposed to see them in Milan and I couldn't go.
"I finally managed to see them here in Brisbane.
"I'm just so lucky that Australia has finally offered me such a wonderful musical experience."
Yesterday, the aspiring nurse couldn't move outside Suncorp without being recognised and stopped by fellow U2 fans.
However, she revealed that her friends and family in her home town of Monesiglio, in northwest Italy, had been sceptical of her story.
"My friends have asked me to post photos because they don't believe it happened," Ms Loritz said.

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Refugees, humanitarian volunteers bask in U2's limelight at Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium

SIX refugees from Burma now living in Brisbane were part of a group 30 humanitarian volunteers to join Irish supergroup U2 on stage at Suncorp Stadium.
The Footsteps for Burma Campaign volunteers worked for Burma Campaign Australia (BCA) before the concert asking U2 fans to join the BCA campaign's email database and raise awareness of the oppressed people of Burma.

Htee Ku Sot Win, Hayblu Win, Eh Ta Ler Htue, Sarblair Twayjaw, Tem Leh and Christabel Wah - all from the Karen community of eastern Burma - joined volunteers from Bono's own advocacy group, One, to make an Amnesty International circle of light on stage in front of 55,000 fans.

The band wrote the song about Burmese opposition politician Aung San Suu Kyi, who was released from 15 years of house arrest last month.

Sarblair Twayjaw, 36, has been living in Australia for six years after coming to the country as a refugee.

He escaped military oppression in his township by crossing the Thai-Burma border, eventually spending 14 years of his life in the Mae Lae refugee camp in Thailand.
``I am so happy and proud to be part of this,'' he said.

``U2 have given us the opportunity to tell people about the Burma Campaign."

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U2 - Brisbane #2, AU setlist 2010-12-09

Return of the Stingray Guitar
Beautiful Day
New Year's Day
Get On Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Until The End Of The World
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
In A Little While
Miss Sarajevo
City Of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix)
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On


Where The Streets Have No Name

Encore 2

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
With Or Without You

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U2.COM : Beautiful Night in Brisbane

'See Australia right in front of you...' sang Bono during Beautiful Day and on one of the hottest nights of the tour so far, we couldn't just see this great country we could feel it.

 'Hotter than last night,' said Bono, 'And that's a good thing...  it was a great night last night and tonight we're gonna take it somewhere else.'

Take it somewhere else they did, with plenty of surprises in the set including New Year's Day, Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me,  a spine-tingling version of Bad  and a rapturously received  closing track in With Or Without You.

Adam was welcomed as the 'Silver Fox'  ('wearing the same t-shirt he wore in 1976') and Edge as a man 'just about tethered to this earth', tonight wearing dark grey ('the new black'): 'And I'm your MC for the evening and my name is Bono. Your minstrels are here to serve you and we're gonna play a new song - and this one's called Mercy.'

For a song that has never been on  a studio album and been played live less than a dozen times, Mercy is rapidly becoming a 360 favourite.

So there's a few of our highlights from tonight and you've been posting some great reviews of last nights show.

'At times I bopped and clapped and danced... At other times I could only sit and stare, mesmerized...'

 'What an awesome show! Staging is absolutely fantastic and even from the farthest away seats possible the view was spectacular...'

'The most awesome night of our lives . . . lighting and video was out of this world. Thanks for the ride on the spaceship!'

Check out the set list on our Tours Page.

U2.COM : Second Night for Buenos Aires

The March 30th show at the Estadio Unico De La Plata in Buenos Aires is now  sold out and a second show for Argentina has just been announced.

This additional show will take place on Saturday April 2nd and tickets will go on sale to the general public next Wednesday December 15th.

As usual, subscribers will get the chance to take part in an advance ticket presale for this show which will open tomorrow, Friday, December 10th at 10am (local) and run until Sunday December 12th at 8pm (local).

All subscribers will be emailed ahead of time with details of the presale.

Interested in becoming a subscriber and entering the ticket presales ?  Here's all you need - including news of 'U2:Duals'. This is a limited edition CD, not for sale at retail, featuring U2 collaborations with other artists.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

U2.COM : North Star over Brisbane (video)

U2.COM : U2 360° Heading To Chile

Live Nation Global Touring  today confirmed that U2 will return to Chile. The U2 360° Tour will visit Estadio Nacional in Santiago  on Friday March 25th, 2011.

Tickets will go on sale to the general public on December 16th but subscribers can enter a special advance PRESALE  beginning this FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10th at 10am (local) and running until this SUNDAY, DECEMBER 12th at 5pm (local).

Subscribers will be emailed ahead of this presale with details of timings.

Interested in becoming a subscriber and entering the ticket presales ?  Here's all the details you need - including news of 'U2:Duals'. This is a limited edition CD, not for sale at retail, featuring U2 collaborations with other artists.

It's the sweetest thing for Bono as he's crowned Dub of the Year

PRIDE: U2 frontman insists capital can be a world-beater again

 POP star, peace broker, humanitarian -- and now The Dubliner of the Year.

After scooping most of the top awards around the world it's only fitting that Bono should be recognised in his hometown.
The U2 frontman will tomorrow be announced as the Dub of the Year in The Dubliner magazine -- to the surprise of.... well, no one.
Bono was floored with the title and said being named The Dubliner of the Year was the perfect way to wrap up the year.
"Dublin is a state of mind and a place. What's being a Dub?
"I don't know, but I am one and proud of it through and through.

U2 - Wide Awake In Europe #2006

Just got it!!! Isn't it a beauty???

U2 - Brisbane, AU setlist 2010-12-08

Return of the Stingray Guitar
Beautiful Day
I Will Follow
Get On Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Until The End Of The World
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
North Star (An Acoustic Version)
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
In A Little While
Miss Sarajevo
City Of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix)
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On


Where The Streets Have No Name

Encore 2

Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
With Or Without You
Moment Of Surrender

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