Thursday, December 9, 2010

Laura's star turn with Bono at Brisbane U2 concert

LAURA Loritz travelled all the way from her homeland of Italy to see her favourite band for the first time - but it was worth the trip.
The 19-year-old nanny was plucked from the Suncorp Stadium crowd on Wednesday to join the world's most famous rock star on stage.
U2's Bono singled out Ms Loritz from more than 55,000 fans to serenade her with the Irish band's song A Little While.
Ms Loritz, who has been living and working as a nanny in Brisbane for the past four months, said it was a surreal moment.
"It was amazing and beautiful," she said.
"Any positive adjective you can find in the dictionary is how I feel today.
"I never expected anything like it would happen."
Speaking exclusively to The Courier-Mail yesterday, Ms Loritz said she had been foiled in several previous attempts to see her favourites on stage.
 "They're one of those bands that everyone want to go and see in their lifetime," Ms Loritz said.
"I was supposed to see them in London but I couldn't go, I was supposed to see them in Milan and I couldn't go.
"I finally managed to see them here in Brisbane.
"I'm just so lucky that Australia has finally offered me such a wonderful musical experience."
Yesterday, the aspiring nurse couldn't move outside Suncorp without being recognised and stopped by fellow U2 fans.
However, she revealed that her friends and family in her home town of Monesiglio, in northwest Italy, had been sceptical of her story.
"My friends have asked me to post photos because they don't believe it happened," Ms Loritz said.

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