Monday, December 28, 2015

‘Epic’ Track Line-Up, Talks Release After The Tour

U2 is almost done with the tour and already a new album is in development, with Bono declaring 2016 as a release date.
Indeed, 2016 is a year for music as U2 confirmed that their new album, following the hard work they have put into their current tour, will be coming out and it's not such long wait after all. Talking to EW, U2 frontman Bono revealed that the band has already put together tracks for the new album, and soon after the tour is over, will focus on finishing up the new album that is set to be released next year. "We're well into it," revealed Bono. "Edge just came up with a cracker the other day! It's provisionally titled 'Tightrope'."
"It's very epic. It's very up," added the U2 frontman. "And, you know, that's probably what the experience has taught us: to be fully in the moment and that fun is respected, and joy is not to be let go of."
Currently, the band is finishing up working the tour of U2's previous album, "Songs of Innocene" and the "Experience Tour," but it seems the band is wasting no time to bring forth the new album to fans worldwide. However, a release date of the new U2 album has yet to be announced, but definitely following the tour completion of the tour, it will be revealed to be sometime late in 2016.
In an interview with TheBelfastTelegraph, U2 guitarist The Edge revealed that, "We haven't figured it out yet, but our intention would be to get it out sometime in the back end of next year."
"I would not rule out doing something similar with the next record," added the U2 member.
Meanwhile, previous reports have already revealed details of the upcoming new album and while still vague, U2 fans are expecting something more from the legendary rock band.
Talking to Diffuser, U2's guitar tech Dallas Schoo shared details of the new album coming after the tour. He said, "This stuff is more rock and serious, if I may, than the ... 'Songs of Innocence' album."
New album announcements are expected after U2 completes everything connected with the tour and release date is expected sometime late next year.

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