Monday, January 21, 2013

U2 guitarist Edge backs music course to create next generation of stars

U2 guitar legend The Edge has praised the work of education programme Music Generation for making music a must among young people.
The Edge said: "Over the years, there has been a tendency for music not to be the top priority, but the great thing about Music Generation is that it's putting it back where it needs to be."
Explaining why he chose to help when U2 rarely its name publicly to such initiatives, "I think we felt this was something that would be enhanced by the association. In most cases it isn't, so it's not appropriate, in this case we really wanted to put our name to it, we feel strongly about this."
He was launching 'Developing Diversity in Music Education in Ireland' - a new two-year partnership between St Patrick's College, and Music Generation, which is the national music education programme funded by U2 and the Ireland Funds and local agencies).
Based at the Music Department of St Patrick's College, Drumcondra, under the principal investigator Dr Patricia Flynn, the new research programme will provide valuable information about music eduction in Ireland in order to address a knowledge gap in this area.
Tony O'Dalaigh, chairman of Music Generation, said: "The initiation of the research partnership marks and important milestones in the evolution of Music Generation, the impact of which will inform and shape long-term development and sustainability."
Established in 2009, Music Ireland helps young people and children access high-quality subsidised music education in their area.

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