Sunday, April 17, 2011

U2's secret '"concert" in Brazil!

April 14, 2011 at Sao Paulo, Brazil

Venue: Bar Secreto

Main Set: Let's Dance, Miss You, The Wild Rover, Psycho Killer

Comments: Bono, Edge, and Larry sing a few songs at a party in the early morning hours following the last show of U2's South American tour. We're not sure the order of songs. Larry sings The Wild Rover a cappella. Edge sings Let's Dance with Larry and Dom (from Muse) on drums, and sings Miss You with local guitarists. Bono sings Psycho Killer also with Larry and Dom on drums. It's part of a regular Wednesday event at the bar called 'This Is Not A Karaoke' where real musicians play while song lyrics show on a screen in front of the singer.

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