Friday, October 14, 2011

Blind Man Given Bono's Guitar Pens Song

MESA - This is a story about dreams coming true, but it didn't start that way. At 14 years old, Adam Bevell of Mesa was told he was going blind and nothing could stop it. Adam got through it -- in part -- inspired by the music of U2.
He learned how to play guitar, a skill that would lead him to a date with destiny -- a date with U2, arguably the greatest rock bank in the world.
Millions have seen them, but few have ever played with them. Adam Bevell got that rare chance three months ago in Nashville.

 Adam's sign reading "blind guitar player" got Bono's attention. It's a moment that changed his life.
"Bono came over himself and grabbed my hand," recalls Adam. "Said 'hey come this way' and led me through all the obstacles on the stage and Bono said 'what to you want to play man.'"
Adam's pick was All I Want is You.
"Once I hit the first verse he said 'yah you can do it' and he turned around and started singing to the crowd, it was surreal… the level of kindness and his charity he showed to me I loved, and he had a great patience for me."
Bono and the band were clearly touched as well. Bono gave Adam his guitar.
Bono's Irish-Green Gretche Falcon played on some of U2's biggest hits. Bono shipped the guitar to Adam.
At first -- he was afraid to play it. Bono's guitar tech convinced him otherwise.
"There were fingerprints all over it and I didn't want to touch it. And he said, 'that guitar is meant to be played, Adam I want you to play it, Bono wants you to play it and the fingerprints are mine and Bono's.' He said, 'your fingerprints are now on this band forever Adam.'"
"I was able to send him a thank you letter to pass it on to Bono. I didn't think the thank you letter was enough so I ended up writing a song."
His first ever -- a song called hand in the darkness.
"I thought how often has it happened to me that someone has reached out to me through the darkness and led me to safety."
A thank you to Bono for his kindness that magical July night. He hopes the song will touch others.
"I thought that idea, a lot of people can relate to that idea, because you don't have to be blind to have lost your way… and that whole idea of hand in the darkness came along and I felt inspired to write this song."
Adam's moment on stage is all over you tube, and "Hand in the Darkness" is now available on iTunes.
Adam will give the proceeds to Bono's "One" foundation to end hunger.
Bono's guitar tech heard the song and loved it. He's going to pass it on to Bono.

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