Tuesday, October 25, 2011

U2.COM : U22 - The Ultimate U2360° Subscribers Setlist. Vote Here!

U2360°. 110 shows. 30 countries. 7 million fans. It was the tour that broke all the records and now you get to create the soundtrack, the ultimate U2360° setlist.
Ever wanted to select the tracks for a U2 set ? This is your chance!

The tracklisting of
'U22',  a live double-CD collection,  will be decided by you, our U2.com subscribers.
Over 26 months the band performed songs from their most recent album No Line On The Horizon all the way back to their debut Boy, playing at least 22 tracks every night.
So what were the stand-out songs?  The tracks which define this tour ?  Is there a song you could  never leave out of a U2 live set? What surprised you on U2360° and what track never failed to deliver?

Listed in alphabetical order, the tracks have been drawn from shows in each of the 30 countries where the U2360° spaceship touched down.

1. Take a listen to the audio clips.
2. Select the 22 you'd like to see on 'U22'.
3. Hit 'Submit'
4. Check the latest results.*

When the voting period is over we'll reveal the final tracklisting and you'll receive your own copy of the double CD, 'U22',  presented in a  custom-designed gatefold sleeve.

'U22' is a limited-edition release for U2.com subscribers only.

* In order to keep the final results a surprise, this snapshot of the latest voting will only be available for some of the voting period.

Please Note: Voting is  open to current U2.com Subscribers - or anyone who subscribes/resubscribes during the voting period. One vote per subscriber. Voting closes on DECEMBER 2ND.

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