Thursday, June 28, 2012

U2.COM : Three Years To The Day

It was at Camp Nou in Barcelona on June 30th 2009,  that 'U2 unveiled their 360 space station and 90,000 fans gave it lift off.' 

On Saturday, three years on, we're hosting an extended listening party,  recalling the shows and celebrating the release of U22, the soundtrack of the tour as chosen by the fans.

We're calling it 'U22 Day' (see what we did there?) and every hour we'll be streaming tracks from U22 -  your votes decide which track gets aired next.

As well as chatting about the songs, we'll be posting your tweets, photos, memories and comments from the whole tour - from Barcelona to Moncton,  from Turin to  Jo'burg.

What track never should have got dropped from the set ? What track was born again?
What was your weirdest experience on the tour...  or the most moving ?
See the band more than once ?  You got to every show ? What was the best night - and why ?
What about U22? The stand-out moment?  The track you'd add to it ? (Anything else you want to talk about ? Tell us in the comments below.)

U22 Day on begins on Saturday at 6pm GMT and the party's going to run… for eleven hours. 

Dip in for a few minutes - or stay with us for the whole event. See you Saturday...

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