Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lillywhite: new U2 album sounds great

U2 producer Steve Lillywhite teases details

Anton Savage was joined in studio today by Steve Lillywhite, Johnny Logan and Samantha Mumba to talk about the big finale on The Hit.
U2 producer Lillywhite teased details of the new U2 album saying: “I’ve heard some of it, I was round Bono’s house the other day and it sounds very good”. However, he kept Ray D’Arcy Show listeners in suspense as he wouldn’t comment on a release date or on the style of the album.
Lilllywhite is one of the key figures in The Hit, having selected the songs that will be seen showcased by songwriters to acts they hope will turn them into hits.
Tonight, three-time Eurovision winner Johnny Logan will go up against Samantha Mumba, whose debut album Gotta Tell You spent six months on the US Billboard charts in 2000.
Samantha Mumba will be performing ‘Somebody Like Me’ while Johnny Logan will be singing ‘Prayin’’.

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