Thursday, January 2, 2014

"Charming" Bono jumps into wedding photoshoot

An Irish couple gained a "special momento" of their wedding day when Bono posed for pictures with them in Dalkey.

Sinead O’Sullivan and David O’Connor were just finishing up their wedding photographs when they bumped into Irish rock star Bono.
The couple were walking back from the Coliemore Harbour in Dalkey to their reception when they happened to cross paths with the "very charming" star.
Photographer Carol Ryan told that the couple were "a little bit stunned" to "bump into" Bono on their wedding day. "He was walking with his daughter (but) he was happy to jump into some shots".
Ryan, who is in touch with the couple, says they are "delighted" with the attention their "special momento" is getting, adding that Bono was "really nice" to the couple.

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