Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Looking back at the U2 Minneapolis show

Recently ONE members in Minnesota gathered at the Gophers stadium to walk around at talk to U2 concertgoers about fighting extreme poverty through advocacy with ONE. Some members were seasoned and some were brand new. All worked hard and had a good experience knowing they were recruiting new members to a campaign we are all very passionate about. After the event I asked a few volunteers if they could share a few thoughts on their experience with me….
“What an experience! Standing in the pouring rain listening to amazing music and knowing that hundreds of people in the crowd just signed up to hear about how we can give a voice to the world’s poorest people and people suffering from preventable disease truly left me speechless. Thank you to everyone who joined the campaign!” -Molly McDougal
“Working with ONE during the Minneapolis U2 concert was an experience of a lifetime. Being able to educate and encourage the community to join the efforts of ONE gave great fulfillment and happiness and has driven me to further strive to promote the global fight against poverty.” -Lauren Baker
“I had a stronger connection to the global community as a volunteer for ONE at the U2 concert in Minneapolis. As I walked among the people in the general admissions line I soon discovered that all six continents were represented when signing them up to be members of ONE. It was great to chat with people who had an interest in joining their voices with ONE to help strengthen the mission in combating global poverty.
Even before and during the concert we were connecting with the people around us. They were interested in learning more about ONE since we were still in our T-Shirts. We may have started as strangers, but before the night was over we were friends.
As the night went on, Bono did is part in bringing awareness to the realities around the world. He took moments to sensitize the audience to critical situations like the drought and famine epidemic in the Horn of Africa. His compassionate and humble spirit really touches the crowd that probably caused more people to join ONE after the concert ended.
Overall it was a great day being a volunteer with ONE. And after coming home soaking wet from the rain, I can say it was pleasure to share a community shower with U2 and about 60,000 of my global neighbors!” -Heather Cannon-Winkelman
What’s happening in the Horn of Africa was particularly poignant given the significant Somali Diaspora community in the Minneapolis area. We were so pleased to see that Bono met with K’naan and Somali-born Minnesotans with Neighbors for Nations to discuss the crisis and draw attention to the urgent needs.

source : by Libby Crimmings

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